Afshin Ismaeli

Afshin Ismaeli, born in 1985, is photojournalist, war photographer and researcher who graduated with a master degree in journalism from the University of Oslo.

In 2005 Ismael started work as a journalist in Erbil, Iraq. and moved to Oslo in 2008 to begin a career as a freelance photographer and has covered the Iraq conflict since 2005.

Since then, Afshin devoted his time to documenting wars, conflicts, and humanitarian issues. He has worked on extensive photographic essays in Iraq, Syria, Iran, Turkey, Greece and Bosnia. In Iraq and Syria, he covered, conflicts and war against the so-called Islamic state. He is a contract photographer with Norwegian Aftenposten newspaper.

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Afshin Ismaeli’s work has been published in the majority of Norwegian newspapers, and international media such as, the New York Times, BBC, foreign, policy, wired, global initiatives, the new humanitarian, Forbes, Tirto, RTP etc.

As a child who born in a conflict zone, and exposed to war from an early age, he became interested in journalism and photography. “I’m trying to get to the unique stories, untold stories and it’s often in war zones,” said Ismaeli.

For Afshin photography is a relationship, passion and life rather than just a picture.
He has published a book. In addition to photography, he has extensive research articles as a part of book chapters.

During his coverage of the conflict in the Middle East, he was imprisoned and tortured by the Turkish Government in 2016. “It was incredibly terrifying because I had heard that they were threatening to kill me,” said Afshin.
In 2017, during coverage of the war in Mosul Ismaeli was injured.

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Recently Afshin Ismaeli has completed a series “Children of War”, The Smugglers, Migrant Trafficking, Malnutrition, and The War Against Isis in Iraq and Syria.

Ismaeli has won a number of awards, including honoured international reporter of the year 2017 and 2018. reporter of the year 2018 from Schibsted company.