Alice Wielinga

Alice Wielinga (1981) is born in Eindhoven (the Netherlands), she currently lives and works in Amsterdam. Alice is graduated from the School of Fine Arts St. Joost Breda (the Netherlands) in 2004 as a documentary photographer.

During 2008 and 2009 Alice studied at the International Center of Photography in New York City (USA). Hampered by the limitations of documentary photography, she devised ways of composing images that visualize the experiential beyond the immediately visible. Alice has worked in China, Cuba, Russia and more recently in Pakistan and Japan. Since 2013 she regularly works in North Korea, where she currently works on her second art project.

Keep Them Rolling from the series North Korea, a Life between Propaganda and Reality

Alice’s first project on North Korea explores the complex relationship between propaganda and reality in this country.

The project ‘North Korea, a Life Between Propaganda and Reality’ won the Photo Folio Review at the Rencontres d’Arles 2014 and the first prize at the Fine Art section of the Moscow International Foto Award in 2015.

‘North Korea, a Life Between Propaganda and Reality’ was part of the group show ‘North Korean Perspectives’ at the Museum of Contemporary Photography (Chicago, USA) and at the Drents Museum (Assen, the Netherlands).

The project is also shown at the Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography (Moscow, Russia) and was part of the fine art festival Art Souterrain (Montreal, Canada). The workbook of this project was part of the exhibition L’Art se livre at the Musée des Beaux-Arts Le Locle (Le Locle, Switzerland). Alice spoke about her project during the 2018 National Geographic Photography Seminar in Washington DC (USA).

Harvest Time from the series North Korea, a Life between Propaganda and Reality

In 2017, Wielinga was selected for the exhibition ‘Donne & Fotografia’ (Udine, Italy) which displayed 150 female photographers ‘who have profoundly revolutionized and influenced the history of twentieth-century photography’. Alice premiered her project ‘Shadows of Pakistan’ during Photoville in New York City. This project deals with the plight of Afghan and internal refugees living in slums around Islamabad.

Also in 2017, Alice started her second art project in North Korea. Over the course of the past two years, she regularly travelled to Pyongyang. There, she works on a collaborative art series, together with six North Korean colleagues. The collaboration also led to a joint field trip. In September 2018 she travelled together with two North Korean artists to Mount Paektu, to seek inspiration for their mutual artwork. Throughout 2019 and 2020, Alice will further develop this project in an exhibition that will both display her own work, and the work of her North Korean colleagues. On Dec 6 2018, Alice gave a TEDtalk about her project during TEDx Amsterdam Women in the Royal Tropical Institute in the Amsterdam (the Netherlands).

In 2018 Alice created ‘Ode to Nebuta’ in collaboration with European Eyes on Japan. For this series, she captured the light festival Nebuta, which takes place every summer in Aomori (Japan). In her series, she celebrates the historical and cultural meaning of this festival. The series travelled to the European capitals Leeuwarden (the Netherlands) and Valetta (Malta) in 2018 and opens in Hachinohe (Japan) in the summer of 2019.