Amer Alali

Amer AlAli, (born in 1985) in the United Arab Emirates, started his journey into photography in 2010. Amer practised multiple genres but always knew his goal was to become more special in one and bring awareness of the culture & heritage of the Emirates into perspective through photography.

Soon a series called “A Portrait of Heritage”, became a noticeable body of work that would go on to form several local exhibitions.

The Life of the Desert, Harsh & Difficult

Amer started to explore deeper into the local places and faces of Emirati heritage and now feels a responsibility be one of those who delivers the culture to the world through photography.

AlAli feels is work is aligned with his personality and close to his heart and the second series of work emerged called “The Life of the Desert – Misery & Difficulty”

Amer AlAli feels that it is important to participate in exhibitions which help deliver his vision to the targeted segment of UAE citizens and tourists alike. Amer feels a responsibility to showcase his work that envisions how our elders and predecessors have influenced our present.

AlAli likes to organise photography groups with an aim to educate and improve the skills of beginner and novice photographers. He also holds workshops on the basics of photography and photo editing with photoshop.

Popular Arts -With every step towards modernity, has a spark of heritage.