Drew Altdoerffer

Drew Altdoerffer has been travelling the world, camera in hand, for over two decades. In recent years that travel has come as a result of his employer, Phase One, requiring his presence at global events for product training, photographic education and expanding on the beauty of Full Frame Medium Format photography. That travel has afforded him a multitude of opportunities to capture the world in which he travels.

Altdoerffer’s travels have taken him through all 7 continents and over 30 countries, from large cities to expanses of open countryside and, although each country offers its own unique interpretation, Drew strives to find the similarities and consistencies amongst all of his destinations.

Untitled, Isolation Series 2013

Drew Altdoerffer’s travels have concentrated on the application of landscape and architectural photographic techniques. However, his own work is focused on human elements within the landscape

From the simple and derelict structures of Antarctica to the humble ski cabins of the Alps, Drew aims to capture the stark and simplistic beauty of seemingly unobtrusive human elements within nature.

Drew is currently workingas a Product Manager at Phase One. By it’s nature, his chosen profession emphasizes the technical aspects of photography, focusing on the use and application of techniques by various photographers. This is reflected in his own work as the resulting images are anything short of spontaneous.
The images of Drew’s portfolio represent a deliberate and methodical approach to photography, with every line and position carefully evaluated. The solitude of his photographs is calculated, avoiding any degree of chance within the final presentation.
It is in this way that Drew’s technical approach to photography and professional focus are rigorously joined.

Untitled, Isolation Series 2013

As Drew’s professional life focuses on the creation of Medium Format camera systems and new ways to push and apply the photographic craft, his own photographic application, therefore, centres around the specific use and flexibility of Medium Format cameras. Well before the digital era Drew was focused on the use of Medium and Large format cameras to convey the detail and aesthetic which sets his images apart from the rest.

His images are typically displayed at a significant scale which urges the viewers to engage and appreciate the qualities that such high resolution and quality delivery.