Drina Cabral

Drina Cabral is an award-winning Food photographer who works from the bustling cosmopolitan city of Dubai. With a background in media production for almost a decade, Drina is able to bring together a harmonious relationship between art, design, and visual appetite. Her unique work in the realm of conceptual food photography explores food in a dimension that engages dialogue, art, and thought.

What distinctively sets her apart from most other Food Photographers is her ability to artistically fashion a dish in a way that appeals best to the lens, thus encapsulating the true adjective of every shot. Her work is a niche to a market that appreciates the fine art of food and comprises of commercial projects among many other privately commissioned ones.

Drina’s passion and commitment for the culinary art is clear in her meticulous details within her work. Having worked with various premium brands and hotel chains, her work puts her on the map as one of the best photographers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) regions.

Besides having her work being circulated in various publications and advertising platforms, her accolades include a stunning image of a squid and mackerel (The Hunter and The Hunted) that has won a prestigious award in the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2015 competition, where she competed against 8,000 other leading photographers globally and has succeeded in putting the U.A.E. in the limelight with her win.

Drina’s image of red pears shot in the whimsical nature of a renaissance painting was  awarded a place in the July 2015 digital exhibition at ‘The Louvre’, in Paris, as part of the Exposure Award Exhibit.