Eric Paré

Visual artist Eric Paré is from Quebec, the French part of Canada, and has built a lifestyle to combine his passion for photography, travel and yoga. During the making of a documentary in 2013, Eric started discovered and started practising light-painting photography. Several years on he has mastered the techniques and now designs systems to push the boundaries of amazing effects.

Each one of Eric’s images is influenced by his surroundings; “everything is there, I don’t invent anything. I’m very sensitive at watching the shifts of lights on people’s skin. I constantly watch them getting lit by street lamps as they walk, or simply when they turn their head toward the sun. This is what I achieve to craft by hand, using one light in the darkness”.

Tube light-painting image with Kim Henry, taken in the Salt Flats of Uyuni, Bolivia

Paré uses the concepts of time, light, and space with his signature light photography. Each enchanting image is expertly brought to life through long exposure. Paré’s portfolio showcases a bewitching collection of images that explore the delicate beauty of the human body hypnotically paired with light and movement.

For Eric, the main goal to pursue is communicating a feeling. It could be written or spoken, but for photographers, it would mostly be through our pictures. What we say or create needs to touch people’s hearts. So, for me, it’s not about creating a technically perfect picture, but to “speak” about or present it in a way that will inspire others.

Tube Stories
We’re a dancer/photographer duo making our way using a tube, a feather, and a flashlight. Everything we do is lit by hand, one frame at a time. Light-painting for us is a lifestyle, and this is what we share with our audience. The purpose of the Tube Stories is to bring a brighter and more colorful night to whoever is going to cross our path. Our work has been presented on the BBC, CNN, MTV, Vice, TEDx and much more.

Astro-photography + tube light-painting, with Kim Henry

Paré plays with light, space and time through light-painting, bullet-time and stop-motion techniques to create a unique animated photography signature. Everything is lit by hand, one frame at a time. Eric Paré is an artist-entrepreneur. When he’s not on the road creating the Tube Stories, he can be found with his team at his studios in Montréal where he is working on multi-camera systems for capturing his light paintings.

“Eric has taken light painting to the next level, combining stunning locations, the human form and bright streaks of light to create fantasy style images that are hard to believe. Continuously evolving technique and pushing the boundaries of his photos, we think the sky isn’t even the limit for this creative photographer.”
– Canon Canada