Florian Ledoux

Florian Ledoux is a wildlife photographer that grew up in France and is now based in the north of Norway. As a self-taught, he developed his passion and studied photography until he became a professional photographer in the French Navy. Since he was young, his passion for Nature and later the high Arctic, its wild and unforgiving landscapes and animals that call it home, led him to leave France and the navy to pursue a personal project and his dream of documenting the polar regions.

In 2017, from West Greenland, he has sailed 6 000km over the course of eight weeks to Nunavut to explore and the document the Arctic Wildlife on Devon Island, Bylot Island, Baffin Island, Somerset Island, and the large Lancaster Sound, with a purpose to witness, document and protect.

A Polar bear’s habitat during the summer in Nunavut, displaying the animal leaping between pieces of ice.

From this reportage, Florian came back with a collection of images showcasing the region from a different point of view bringing a new perspective on its wildlife. He believes these aerial images allow us to observe and document their behaviours from a new angle and approach, revealing the animals in their entirety as well as in a wider habitat and landscape, in a way not before possible. It is a new way of learning about the white northern part of our planet.

“When I photograph and find myself in the remote Polar region, immersed in unique landscapes and engaged with wildlife that calls it home, I know that this is the moment where everything makes sense for me. At this moment, the urge to create an image that I would remember for the rest of my life with a strong message to protect it comes naturally to me, as I believe visual images are a powerful agent of communication that can allow us to reconnect Human to Nature”.

Crabeater Seals resting on the broken ice of the Antarctic peninsula

Recently Florian came back from Antarctica with new images and has many other projects in the Arctic. His engagement to bring new and meaningful images is also recognized by conservation organisms such as the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and The Nature Conservancy.

His work has been published in magazines like National Geographic, Time US, Géo France / Spain, Oceanographic UK, National Geographic Traveler, Le Figaro, as well as in the international daily press.


Books & Publications

  • Masters of Drone Photography 2018 (GMC Publications Ltd)
  • Our Planet 2019 Alastair Fothergill /Foreword: David Attenborough
    CANADA 2019 (Harper Collins)


Awards & Prizes

  • 1st Prize Aerial video HIPA Award 2019
  • Drone Photographer of the Year 2018
  • 1st Prize Wildlife Arctic Biodiversity 2018
  • Grand Prize Drone Photography 2017
  • 1st Prize Drone Animal Video 2017
  • Highly Honored Natures Best Photography Conservation Story 2018
  • 3rd Prize Wildlife Nature Conservancy 2018
  • 3rd Prize Landscape Arctic Biodiversity 2018