Grégory Pol

Grégory Pol, a French Photographer, sailor and a scuba diver, is always connected to nature; never the less, its magnificence and its treasures strike him every time.

His committed, talented and vivid photography reveals his fascination for a rough and ruthless nature that can also be so fragile. For those who want to discover his artwork, it will lead them through a splendid and breathtaking world, that we all have to protect because it is dying. Through his pictures, you will enter preserved areas and territories out of which were the land, swept by freezing and shivering winds blowing piercing ice crystals, contrasts with the silent ballet of the undersea world. Here you will cross wild animals gazes, sometimes penetrating, sometimes intrigued, rarely indifferent.

So dare to lift the curtain and let the show begin to see and feel the world Gregory loves, the world we love…..

The eyes of the snowy owl...

“When I was a child I dreamed of exploring the world and travelling around the globe … I was very impressed by wildlife photography and documentaries. At the age of 12, I dreamed of joining Commander Cousteau aboard the Calypso. I told myself that I could be one day, me too, I could make my life a passion. Today, I begin to realize part of this childhood dream. Thank you!”

Pol has been a photographer for many years, but it is his pure work in Black and White on the snowy owl that has begun to make him known in French-speaking countries. And even though continues the colour photography of nature and humans he meets in general, it is these black and white images he likes to exhibit.

Reinders under the snow...

POL is also author of several photographic books including :
-Saint-Pierre et Miquelon, Regard d’un Breton.
-Saint-Pierre et Miquelon, Terre de Passions.
-Les Yeux du Harfang.
-Un Nouveau Souffle.
-Nord et Blanc.