Ira Block

Ira Block is an internationally renowned documentary photographer, lecturer and workshop leader. He started his career as a newspaper photographer after college where he won multiple awards and later proceeded to freelance for many magazines in the USA and Europe. His diligence and work brought him to the doors of National Geographic Magazine where he photographed over 30 stories, ranging from an expedition to the North Pole to uncovering ancient Peruvian Mummies.

Ira’s work has taken him to Australia, Cuba, Siberia, Myanmar, China, and Japan. He has also led National Geographic Photo Expeditions to Mongolia, Bhutan, Cuba, Nepal and Tibet. Participants in these workshops learn not only about the culture of the destinations they visit but also how to expand their photographic vision.

Havana Industriales fan smoking a cigar outside of Latinoamerican Stadium in Havana, Cuba.

Ira’s lens continues to capture and document compelling stories from around the globe.

Block can best be described as a cultural documentary photographer who uses his craft to photograph people and the changes in their traditions and practices.

A frequent keynote speaker for photo conferences and corporate events, as well as a lecturer at various schools worldwide, Ira has spoken about the evolution of the photo industry and the art of storytelling. Major exhibits of his work have opened around the world at various museums and galleries.

His latest book, “Cuba Loves Baseball: A Photographic Journey” documents the culture of Cuba through its love for the sport of baseball. The book gives us a glance into the daily lives of the Cuban people and their grassroots involvement with the sport.

Kids playing baseball near the Hospital and San Rafael in Centro Havana, Cuba.

Using social media as his new platform for documentary photography, Ira’s images can be seen on Instagram where he has over 335,000 followers. He has also been recognized by Sony as a Sony Artisan in its elite photographers’ program.

Ira is currently working on a project on early Buddhism, encompassing all his images taken over the last five years of his travels to Asia and South East Asia.

When not standing in line to board an aeroplane, Ira can be found at home in New York City.