Maan Habib

Maan Habib is an accomplished photojournalist with an eye for beauty and a heart for the story. Born in Baghdad, Iraq, Maan moved the United States in 2009 to pursue a career in journalism. He earned a degree in Communications and Media Studies and he is studying Photojournalism at New York Photography Institute while working as a News Anchor and on-air reporter for Alhurra TV in Washington, D.C.

Habib is a member of The National Press Photographers Association in the USA, Maan honed his skills for storytelling through words. Today, he also translates those narratives into captivating images as a photojournalist.

Eye on Iraq:"Kaddrrah Abdullah" a 55 years old Iraqi widow, she lost her husband in the sectarian violence in Iraq back in 2006.

His passion for photography started at the young age of thirteen when Maan built a vintage black and white camera and realized that he could capture striking images of the world around him. Inspired by his work as a reporter, he launched a career in photojournalism three years ago. Maan’s unique eye brings together images from the streets of New York, Washington, D.C., Baghdad, the Village of Barnun and the stunning marshes in Iraq that not only show the difference in cultures but the similarities between humans and the hidden beauty in all areas of our world.

Habib’s most recent project entitled Eye on Iraq depicts the truth in the daily lives of the residents in the nonviolent region of Mesopotamia. His gripping images show the lives of Iraqi citizens in cities and provinces throughout the area. His connection to his heritage allows Maan to capture the true essence of Iraq through his photographs.

Maan draws inspiration from the works of notable photojournalists like James Nachtwey, Alex Webb, Steve McCurry, Lynsey Addario. His work has been featured in Fujifilm X-Magazine APF Magazine, and Everyday Everywhere.

When he is not reporting and taking pictures, Maan enjoys spending time with his wife and their friends and family. He also pursues his artistic passions by drawing and painting in his spare time.

Eye on Iraq : Three young boys on a boat in the marshland. These kids only pastime is being on boats or playing with their buffaloes in a place where they have no access to schools. March 2018