Rafal Makiela

Rafał Makieła (b 1973) is a Polish Photographer now based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Rafał’s photography career began 15 years ago, through an impulse and interest in this field of art was the birth of his daughter Maksymilianna.

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A desire to immortalize every day of his daughter’s life led to his interest in photography that soon became his passion. Rafał, being inspired by the great photographers studied their techniques and practices. Constantly practising Rafal gained a strong technical and artistic foundation that reflects in his work today.

Rafal Makiela is an award-winning photographer that specializes in underwater fashion photography and commercial advertising. His works evoke a sense of dreamlike wonder and have appeared in many magazines and periodicals as advertisements and editorials.

When working, he is fully focused on his job as he always wants to achieve the best results possible and his work and dedication is appreciated throughout the world.

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About his own photography, he says: “The underwater world is something mysterious and magical. Everything is different, there is no defined end to the bottom or top. Gravity law almost does not apply, the light propagates differently, sometimes completely unpredictable. Here, almost everything you dream is possible. Each vision and the idea is feasible.”